TURMEDICAL is specialized in the field of health services.
We have been engaged in medical tourism for many years, we are based in Istanbul. We have official representative offices abroad ( Bulgaria )
We give you the opportunity to get the best treatment from the best doctors with the latest equipment and methods at the most affordable prices.

Our team consists of some of the best doctors and pharmacists in Turkey. This ensures you that will be given accurate and competent information, professional consultation, you will be directed to the most appropriate treatment for you and to the best specialists. We are not intermediaries! That is why we are different and we guarantee that you will be in the best hands. Each patient is important to us, we are ready to respond to any of your health problems and assist you at every stage of treatment.

Be careful with companies and individuals who do not have the necessary knowledge and specific information that have nothing to do with healthcare and the health services and information provided are of a general nature. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to have the right diagnosis, proper and timely treatment tailored to your condition, and targeting a particular good specialist.
Note that there are medical centers that work illegally without proper certification, so it is important to study carefully before starting treatment.
Our partner hospitals and clinics have local and international health certificates.