TURMEDICAL (MORSOGAN SAGLIK TURIZMI TICARET LTD) is specialized in the field of health services.
We have been engaged in medical tourism for many years, we are based in Istanbul.

We have official representative offices abroad ( Bulgaria )

We give you the opportunity to get the best treatment from the best doctors with the latest equipment and methods at the most affordable prices.

Our team consists of some of the best doctors and pharmacists in Turkey.

This ensures you that will be given accurate and competent information, professional consultation, you will be directed to the most appropriate treatment for you and to the best specialists. 

Our partner hospitals and clinics have local and international health certificates.

Dr.Sirac Demir
Medical Aesthetics
Dr.Demir was born in 1981.Graduated from the medical faculty of the 19 Mayıs University, has worked in various capacities with The Ministry of Health for 3 years period of time , work in the sector of Medical aesthetics and hair transplantation since 2008 . Dr.Demir also follow closely the new developments in this field abroad and inside the country and received a special training in this field. Dr.Demir spend a period of time abroad and gain a lot of experience with thousands of patients in the field of medical aesthetics and hair transplantation .Dr.Demir is Registered Member Doctor of FUE EUROPE.
Dr.Demir is partner also working for TURHAIR. Dr.Demir By using the method of (FUE) for hair transplantation Dr.Demir gain a high population of patients coming from : England ,Sweden ,Spain,Germany,Russia,Azerbaijan,Bulgaria,United Arab Emirates,Oman,Qatar,S.Arabia,Kuwait,Bahrain,Iraq,Lebanon.
Specialists of Eye Diseases and Operation
Op. Dr. Mustafa Mete was born in 1976 in Estel. After having completed his secondary education at Kadıköy Anatolian High School in 1994 , he completed his medical education at the Faculty of Medicine, Uludağ University in 2002. He passed the Specialty in Medicine (TUS) exam with a Turkey grade in 2002 and completed his residency as the assistant of Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk YILMAZ and Prof. Dr. Ziya Kapran in Istanbul Beyoğlu Eye Training and Research Hospital. After having become a specialist physician in 2008, he completed the mandatory service at the Kızıltepe State Hospital in the same year.
He worked as specialist physician and chief physician at various private hospitals. In 1998, he founded the first healthcare site, hastarehberi.com. At present, he works in Istanbul. Fluent in English and German, Op. Dr. Mustafa Mete is one of the leading ophthalmologists in Turkey due to his advanced case experience and treats any patients coming from abroad…